[Marxism] Re: New Republic: Military College prof says no to attacking Iran

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Mon Aug 8 23:15:07 MDT 2005

Nick wrote:
You fail tounderstand Iraq Fred because your analysis is going off in
your own
fantasies, many of them, unsurprisingly, reinforced by all these
mainstream and academic US-based sources you cite. If you can't see
why Sistani is not welcome in Iran because of his views then you don't
understand Iran very well either.

Fred replies:
Well, in the face of Nick's vastly superior capacity to "understand"
Iraq and Iran and, I am sure, so very much else -- a vison so
clear-headed and fantasy-free that it requires no factual support -- I
will say no more until events spur a next round of discussion. 

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