[Marxism] Re: New Republic: Military College prof says no to attacking

Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Tue Aug 9 00:32:38 MDT 2005

>Fred replies:
Well, in the face of Nick's vastly superior capacity to "understand"
Iraq and Iran and, I am sure, so very much else -- a vison so
clear-headed and fantasy-free that it requires no factual support -- I
will say no more until events spur a next round of discussion.>>

Well, sheesh, if we all turn to NYT and Juan Cole and War College
goofballs for our 'facts' and Fred Feldman for his incisive analysis
of all that malarky-filled analysis, well, it will be...just another
day...on Marxmail.org! What are your particular qualifications to
evaluate your sources on Iraq, let alone the facts on the ground in
Iraq, Fred?

BTW, did you want to discuss the 'facts' around Sistani vis-a-vis
Iran, OR NOT? Or are you going to wait for me to do all the work and
then answer with another snippy reply--until there is activity on the
Juan Cole blog or something?

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