[Marxism] Iraq boiling over

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 10 08:40:09 MDT 2005

Don Imus is a widely syndicated "shock jock" in the USA who specializes in 
interviews with prominent politicians and pundits rather than porn movie 
stars as is the case with his rival Howard Stern. Time Magazine ranked Imus 
one of the US's 25 most influential people several years ago. Both Imus and 
Stern have turned against Bush, largely because of the war in Iraq. They 
both backed Kerry, who was a guest at Imus's New Mexico ranch for kids with 
cancer yesterday.

The show began with an interview with Jay Severin, a rightwing journalist 
and host of his own talk show in Boston, who spent most of his time ranting 
against the war. When Imus pointed out that Severin voted for Bush, he 
replied that it was like choosing between dogshit and goatshit. (He used 
the word poop instead.)

Severin referred to a recent Newsweek poll that put opposition to the war 
at 61 percent. These kinds of numbers would make one begin to speak in 
terms of "Lyndon Baines Bush" as he put it.

After the interview, Imus ranted for a good five minutes about what a "son 
of a bitch" Rumsfeld was. His sidekick Bernie McGuirk, a racist if there 
ever was one, chimed in with how young people are being killed for no good 

This is not Air America. This is a radio show that encapsulates 
inside-the-beltway thinking.

The opportunity to pull together a massive protest in Washington is a 
challenge to the left. I sincerely hope that the WWP members who lurk here 
will wake up and smell the coffee. I don't expect that much from UfPJ, but 
if these comrades, who are supposedly anti-imperialist to the marrow of the 
bone, don't understand the need to strike while the iron is hot, then god 
save their souls.



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