[Marxism] WARNING on failure to clip quoted text (don't skip this message)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Wed Aug 10 09:09:45 MDT 2005

Lou and I decided its time to crack down on the over-quoting of text in 
First, the list rule: we ask that everyone *selectively* quote a post 
you are replying to. if you are replying to a post with more than a 
paragraph or two of text, use your mouse to select quoted text you are 
not responding to, and delete that text. this is what we mean when we 
say "PLEASE clip all extraneous text before replying to a message".

Second, the WHY of the rule. There are two reasons:

1. clipping unneeded text can often times greatly reduce the size of a 
message and this is important for making manageable the download time 
for subscribers behind slow modem lines.

2. it is MUCH EASIER to read a reply if it carefully quotes text. 
otherwise one has to fish around for the reply, and this is a waste of 

Third, the CONSEQUENCES: for now, i will pick especially egregious cases 
and publicly call the rule-breaker to task. a second occurence will get 
a one-day suspension from the list.

Fourth: if any subscriber does not know HOW to delete quoted text from 
an email reply, contact me offlist, and i will write something up about 
using the mouse for selecting-and-deleting text that can be used for 
general list consumption.

So that's it, you have the rule, the reason, the consequences, and an 
offer of technical help.

Les Schaffer

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