[Marxism] RE: Venezuela's Left comes together

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 10 10:06:39 MDT 2005

David Walters wrote:
>I don't know a lot about this new party. I know bits and pieces. I
>know, for example, that in part, the inspiration for this party comes
>from the new PSOL(sp?) party of expelled left wingers from Brazil's
>PT (a fraction I do NOT support, BTW).

Comrades should understand that despite the very good work that David 
Walters does with the Marxism Internet Archives, he has a decided weakness 
for small Trotskyist propaganda circles whose role in history he invariably 
overprojects. After David left the SWP, he opted to join the tiny 
Lambertist organization in the USA. For me this would be like jumping from 
the firing pan into the fire, but what do I know.

Most recently, David has joined an even less promising group as he 
announced to alt.politics.socialism.trotsky, a newsgroup that can best be 
likened to the Alan Bates classic "King of Hearts":

"I'm actually in the current associated with the Partido Obrero of 
Argentina, the CRFI. I *was* in the Lambertist current over 6 years
ago, maybe longer, and the PO was, for like 4 years, the OCRFI section 
there, but that's it."

The other thing I got a chuckle out of at the time was David's serious 
query to the nut-case Scott Solomon who had appeared there in the guise of 
Joey Refallo, supposedly a recently expelled member of a Posadas sect. 
Here's the exchange in its entirety:

Joey Refallo for the Trotskyist Unity Organization:
 > The reason I ask is that I was told it dosen't exist anymore, but at a
 > recent public forum of the Trotskist Unity Organization, an obviously
 > inebrieted person claiming to be from the MWG disrupted the meeting,
 > tossing over a literature table and vomiting on the floor. We removed
 > him from the room, but the person was quite large and took a  couple
 > of us to remove him.  Is there another MWG?. We want to know.

David Walters:
The MWG dissolved last year or the year before. But...never heard of
the Trotskyist Unity Organization...what are it's origin?


You can't make this stuff up. And who said that Trotskyists don't have a 
sense of humor?



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