[Marxism] quick comment re the 'Venezuelan Left' coming together

michael a. lebowitz mlebowit at sfu.ca
Wed Aug 10 11:55:22 MDT 2005

         I agree, of course, with Joachin's 
comments about the arrogance and ignorance of the 
ISO describing that meeting as 'the Venezuelan 
Left comes together'. Not only can one not talk 
about a Venezuelan Left separate from Chavez (who 
continues to race ahead) at this point but what 
characterises that Left is what David calls the 
'wonderful hetereogeneity of the Venezuelan 
Revolution'. Unhappily, I can't help the latter 
with a rundown of the Chavist groups here--- I 
would consider myself very fortunate if I 
understood better the various factions (their 
politics and strength) in the MVR (some of which 
could not be called 'left'). On the other hand, I 
have very much respect for Orlando Chirinos, one 
of the leaders of the new grouping; he's 
certainly a very energetic leader in UNT 
(although, until UNT has elections-- which it has 
never held, it will not be clear at all how 
strong his tendency is within it). As for whether 
this new grouping has the intention of 
challenging the current course and is outside, 
the following is from a Prensa Latina interview with Chirinos:

>>Caracas, Jul 21 (Prensa Latina) Venezuelan political and union leaders
>>asserted they would create a socialist and revolutionary party to back the
>>government of President Hugo Chavez.
>>    Orlando Chirinos, one of promoters of the party, told Prensa Latina the
>>goal was neither to compete with the Movimiento V Republica (Fifth Republic
>>Movement, MVR) nor with other parties supporting Chavez.
>>    The proposal is part of efforts to structure a debate in which Venezuelan
>>revolutionaries examine the creation of a single party, asserted Chirinos,
>>who also leads the Workers´ National Union.
>>   Chirinos made it clear that the new political entity should be based upon
>>collective principles and distanced from the sectarianism that marked
>>leftwing parties in the past.
>>    He ruled out the party would seek electoral purposes as it would try to
>>contribute to a vision of 21st century socialism and take stances against
>>the US.
>>    “US imperialism will not sit to watch the re-election of Chavez in the
>>2006 elections,” he stressed.

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