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 Following is the resolution on immigration passed at the AFL-CIO's recent
 convention.   It says not a word about the overwhelming lack of tenable 
 for most Americans, immigrant or otherwise,  offering instead "pie in the
 sky" pieties about workers' rights.   Too, I note it advocates abolishing
 employer sanctions in favor of programs which target and criminalize
 employer behavior that (horrors!) "exploits workers for commercial gain".

 In other words, the labor federation is as useless as teats on a bull on
 this as well as virtually every other issue of concern to workers.

 Louis Godena,
Local 94, Carpenters (ex-AFL-CIO)

 ___________________________________________________________________________________ Resolution #26 onImmigrationThe United States often has been called "a nationof immigrants," and most Americans- with the notable exception of Native Americans-haveancestors who arrived from other countries, either voluntarily or involuntarilyasenslaved Africans. Throughout American history, immigrants helped build America's cities, towns, farms, businesses, economies andcivic and cultural institutions.Immigrants from around the world also helped buildthe American union movement, providing generation after generation of members,activists and leaders. Today, the composition of the foreign-born (immigrant)community is increasingly diverse. Immigrants, like all workers, havewide-ranging skills and experiences, work hard, pay taxes and share similardreams and aspirations--education for their children, owning a home, good jobsand safe communities.As a workers'movement built by immigrants, we beli!
 eve our nation should embrace immigrantsfor the diversity and values they bring, rather than fear them as threats tovalues or jobs. We cannot fall victim to employers who often attempt to divideworkers by race, ethnicity and immigration status, playing one group againstthe other to undermine solidarity and preclude workers from achieving progresstogether.In February 2000, the AFL-CIO Executive Councilfirmly and squarely set out our view that immigrants have played and continueto play an extremely important role in the workplace and society; and that theyare entitled to full and fair workplace protections.In the Fall of 2001, the AFL-CIO endorsed thehistoric Immigrant Workers Freedom Ride, a national mobilization of individualsand organizations from all sectors-including labor, business, political,religious, community, immigrant, civil rights and others-that demonstrated toCongress and the President that there is widespread support in the UnitedStates for meaningful legislat!
 ive reform and for the recognition of thecontribution of immigrant wor
kers to the quality of social, cultural, politicaland economic life in the United States.Unfortunately, America'scurrent immigration system is still broken. Instead of legal channels, legalimmigration, and orderly, screened entry, the immigration system has fostered ablack market characterized by a ballooning undocumented immigrant population,widespread use of fake documents, increasingly violent smuggling cartels, andwidespread exploitation of undocumented workers.The labor movement seeks solutions that will work. Weneed a comprehensive solution that rewards work, reunites families, restoresthe rule of law, reinforces our nation'ssecurity, respects the rights of U.S.-born and immigrant workers, and redeemsthe American Dream.Resolution on ImmigrationTHEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT THE AFL-CIO willcontinue to strive for solutions to our broken immigration system which embodythe following goals:undocumented workers and their families should be provided the opportunity to earn l!
 egal status through a new legalization program;employer sanctions should be replaced with a system that targets and criminalizes business behavior that exploits workers for commercial gain;immigrant workers should have equal and full workplace rights, including the right to organize, full job portability, and protections for whistleblowers;labor and business together should design mechanisms to meet legitimate needs for new workers without compromising the rights and opportunities of workers already here;elimination of the deadly, chaotic, and illegal flow of workers across our borders with a legal program that credibly protects the wages and working conditions of US and immigrant workers, provides immigrant workers full mobility in the labor market, and guarantees other fundamental principles including the right to organize. Temporary worker programs are not the preferred method of addressing the flow of workers across our borders. If such programs are adopted, they must p!
 rovide a permanent path tocitizenship and guarantee complete labor pro
tections, including prevailing wage and all safetyprotections;passage of the AgJobs bill and the Dream Act.

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