[Marxism] Overkill by List Manager?

brad janzen bradj2424 at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 10 19:06:48 MDT 2005

Louis Proyect wrote: "Comrades should realize that
Walter speaks only for himself, some
ideologically-driven market socialists and a handful
of people who were once around........"
   oh my god are you for real????....I didn't bother
to finish reading your input, because I was
sufficiently turned off before you finished your first
sentence..........does the List Manager really need to
jump in and emphasize that someone speaks only as an
individual?  does this imply that others are
implicitly speaking for the whole "group"????
  why can't the list mgr just state the nature of
disagreement, instead of implying that someone on this
list is speaking for this group....
  Who are these people, Louis, who are speaking for
the whole "group"??? there's at least a couple of us
are not total sectarians who have come around this
list...are you trying to send a message to someone? 
just curious

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