[Marxism] Re: human origins

John Enyang x03002f at math.nagoya-u.ac.jp
Wed Aug 10 19:47:41 MDT 2005

David McDonald writes:

> It is not true, as John Enyang writes, that "new species, by definition,
> can only arise from "significant change" in a population of an existing
> species, for otherwise the terms themselves are rendered meaningless."
> This is not about definitions, but about the most significant challenge
> to Darwinism since it became the generally accepted theory of evolution.
> New species can arise, for instance, when some portion of a species  is
> cut off from the main population for whatever reason.

Definitions are important. A dictionary will tell you "population" in
biology refers to "a community of interbreeding organisms"; thus new
species may arise when two or more populations of a given species are
separated from each other for "whatever reason".

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