[Marxism] Overkill by List Manager?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Wed Aug 10 19:54:17 MDT 2005

Brad wrote:
>   Who are these people, Louis, who are speaking for
>the whole "group"??? there's at least a couple of us
>who are not total sectarians who have come around this
>list...are you trying to send a message to someone?


I think I was just overreacting to Walter's day-in, day-out interventions 
around these questions. I don't think a day has gone by for the past month 
or so without Walter trying to educate us about the need to back Lula, the 
Chinese government, Gerry Adams, et al.

This week's archives got clobbered because of a bad power supply, but I 
just looked at last week's. On August 5th, Walter began his day with a post 
that began, "Many on the right and some on the left have rushed to endorse 
allegations of corruption against the Brazilian PT government led by Lula. 
They may have to pull back if it turns out actual evidence may be lacking."

This is extremely irritating to see an amalgam made between the left and 
right in this fashion. It is actually the sort of disingenuous rhetoric 
that your party perfected. Before WWII, the CPUSA made an amalgam between 
the Trotskyists and the rightwing isolationists because both were opposed 
to FDR's war policies--on a completely different basis of course.

There is no need to get a daily diet of provocative articles that are 
prefaced with with baiting comments about "Marxmailistas". I haven't posted 
anything about Brazil or China or South Africa for weeks. I wanted to let 
the matter drop, but Walter feels the need to go on and on and on and on. I 
also suggested some time ago that this debate reached the point where 
arguments were being repeated over and over again. I just might exercise my 
power as moderator to put this behind us for a month or two. 

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