[Marxism] Communism, anti-German criticism and Israel

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Ed may be a clown, but he ain't funny.  Israel worse than other states?
Yes and no.  Yes like apartheid South Africa was worse than other
states.  No in that other capitalist states supported, maintained South
Africa and will, sooner an later, adapt the mechanisms of apartheid to
their own peculiar circumstances.

But Ed is against Israel to exactly the extent that he is against "all
states, the  state being the reified, fetish form of a social
relationship just like capital and nation."  And thus by being against
all states equally, an in the abstract, and only in the abstract, Ed can
avoid coming to grips with what it means to oppose any particular state
in the concrete.  That, by the way, is classic liberalism.

Israel is not subject to general economic sanctions, even sanctions
observed in their breach, like South Africa was; not to mention
sanctions actually observed like say Iraq suffered.

Israel is not branded as a terrorist state despite its actions against
general civilian populations, and acts of individual assasination,
kidnapping and terror.

Israel has not been excluded from international bodies of deliberation,
and financial aid despite its destruction of villages and cities,
remember Jenin?, and its refusal to allow investigations into  these

Marxists are not concerned with tagging Israel with foreknowledge of
9/11, controlling the world's banks, or bathing in the blood of Christ.

Israel is a settler state.  Like apartheid South Africa, Rhodesia.  A
projection of finance capital into the heart of an economic region.

And that ain't no fetish.

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> I am a communist and am for the abolition of all
> states, the state being a reified, fetish-form of
> social relationship just like capital and nation.

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