[Marxism] Communism, anti-German criticism and Israel

Ed Thehappyclown edthehappyclown at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 05:13:21 MDT 2005

Cat Allison writes:

"To paint the partition of Palestine and the
establishment of Israel as a 
consequence, a too-late response to the holocaust, is
to ignore not only 
Zionist collaboration in the holocaust"

But the Palestinian aspiration towards nationhood also
has a history of deep collaboration with German
national socialism.  This is a well known fact, but
something that  passionate anti-Zionists seem either
ignorant of, or something they try to repress.  If the
latter, that does not speak well for the ability of
anti-Zionist activists to deal with facts.  This is
actually a clinic definition of psychosis.

Similar to the constant anti-Zionist denunciation of
Israel as "fascist."  This is simply empirically
wrong.   You cannot have it both ways.  If you refuse
to label political Islam as a fascist ideology,
despite real, and even professed, points of
commonality with German National Socialism, than you
cannot have it both ways by labeling a bourgeois
settler-state democracy like Israel as "fascist."

Calvin Broadbent writes:
"How terribly avant-garde. What 'theoretical' use do
you find as an 
'activist' in critical theory and council communism?"

Marx's critical theory of political economy is
essential for anyone seeking to transform material
reality.  The Council Communists formulated the most
far-reaching Marxist critique of the state form before
Agnoli, and contributed to the understanding of
Bolshevism as a form of postponed industrial

As for Marx's critique of the value form, it is the
core of his critique of political economy.  If you
have not dealt sufficiently with the first chapter of
Capital, particularly the section on the fetish
character of commodities, then you have not fully
understood Marx, and certainly not the core of his

This kind of denigration of theory is disturbing.  Do
we not wish to see the spread of Marxist criticism?

do you use German words to denote the Palestinian
national community?"

A Volksgemeinschaft is a Volksgemeinschaft is a
Volksgemeinschaft.  The geographical location is not

Rrubinelli supplies a litany of Israeli state crimes. 
Are these qualitatively worse than a state like the
Federal Republic of Germany, which brutally expels
refugees in the night, which allows Neo-Nazis to
dominate the civil society of places like the
Sächsische Schweiz in the state of Saxony?  Which
brutally dismembered Yugoslavia in the first German
war of aggression since the Second World War?

All states are criminal formations.  The nation is a
coercive collective identity.  Anyone born into a
national collective is pressured to adhere to this
national collective from day one.  The way to
liberation for the people called "Palestinians" does
not lay in building a national-state collective in
response to the Israeli national-state collective.

Against Capital, Nation, and State.

For Communism.

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