[Marxism] How rightwing gays exploited false reports about Iran executions - another view

Wayne S. Rossi felianan at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 11 05:14:54 MDT 2005

--- John Obrien <causecollector at msn.com> wrote:

> Louis Proyect wrote a piece on the most recent known executions and
> torturing of two teenagers for homosexual acts - trying to explain
> that the coverage was not fair and balanced!  "It leaned to the right
> wing efforts to attack the Iranian government."
> The message is: let us not speak out too strongly about this or other
> executions of those convicted of homosexuality - since it only aids
> the U. S. Government.  Dead fags do not really matter!!!  There is
> too much coverage on this!!!!!  Silence is preferred?

No, the message is this:

By a sin of omission (i.e., not even mentioning the charge of gang rape
and presenting it as a hanging for consensual gay sex), the coverage of
these particular hangings was intended to incite hatred and help to
build the case that is being made, piece by piece, for war against
Iran.  There is a concerted effort for this - one only need look at the
charges a couple of weeks ago that the new president Mahmoud
Ahmadinejad was a "hostage-taker" in the 1979 crisis, which turned out
to be baseless, to see that there is a definite concerted interest in
getting pretty much any thing anti-Iranian out in the news.  This was a
particularly clever one, since it targeted mostly the pro-gay Left,
which is also most likely to be the force opposing an invasion of Iran
on anti-imperialist grounds.

The death penalty is barbaric, especially when used to punish sexual
activities, BUT - that is not the issue that is at hand.  The issue is
that the "reporting" of this incident was biased to make imperialist
propaganda with an eye toward an invasion or other military action, and
that is worthy of outrage.

Should we point out that Iran has a government which is a negative
force on civil liberties, particularly harsh against homosexuals?  Yes.
 BUT - we have to be very careful of how to do it.  There is a strong
anti-Iranian agenda from the American ruling class, and it is dangerous
to add fuel to that fire.  Any condemnations must be made with that in
mind, and phrased carefully so as not to further the agenda of war and
domination in the Middle East.

The single-issue myopia of your response is depressing.  Iran is a very
important issue, and the Left can't afford to help the Bush
administration make its case for another illegal invasion and war.

Yours for the Revolution,
Wayne S. Rossi

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