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Johannes Schneider Johannes.Schneider at gmx.net
Thu Aug 11 05:19:56 MDT 2005

> Ed Thehappyclown wrote:

> It is however curious
> that a German Trotskyite grouping like Linksruck
> spends an inordinate amount of time openly calling for
> the dissolution of the Israeli national collective,

Linksruck is the German IST section (Cliffites), they are basically using
SWP-UK propganda material.
I dont know what you mean by "inordinate amount of time", you are so vague
that it is impossible to discuss. But I think that imperialist policies in
the Middle East are a key point to understanding the present political
situation. In such a situation it is more than justified to deal with the
Zionist entity as well, thats what Linkruck does. 

> while at the same time in their own country supporting
> an openly German national chauvinist and racist
> demagogue like Oskar Lafontaine.  

I am neither a supporter of Lafontaine or Linksruck, but to lump them all
together as openly racist demagogues is sheer demagogy from your side. If
you think Lafontaine is an "openly German national chauvinist and racist
demagogue" present the facts here. Linksruck is in an electoral alliance
with him, but it does not mean they are having an identical position.

> In that sense, the anti-Germans, whatever their other
> flaws, are following Karl Liebknecht's old maxim that
> the main enemy is always at home.

If they did, it would be great. But actually they are doing the opposite.
Supporting aid and cooperation given by the German state to the Zionist
You mentioned jungle world in one of your recent posts, they are sort of
respectable Antideutsche. But they are partly financed by the German state
itself, e.g. last year the whole staff went to a Kibbutz and produced a full
edition from there, all paid by the European Union. To pose as anti-statist
while receiving state funds is kind of bizarre.


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