[Marxism] Communism, anti-German criticism and Israel

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Ed Thehappyclown-- by the way is that  your given name, or did you
choose  it  yourself? states:

 "But the Palestinian aspiration towards nationhood also has a history
of deep collaboration with German  national socialism.  This is a well
known fact..."

The people living in Palestine/TransJordan lived there before the
ascendancy of German national socialism.  Whether some or all of the
religious, economic elite sought to collaborate with German finance
capital to oppose British finance capital is irrelevant.

Our happyclown appears quite incapable of making class distinctions in
analyzing any of his "well known" facts.

"A volksgemeinschaft is a volksgemeinschaft is a volksgemeinschaft"?
Well OK, but so what?  Volksgemeinschaft is particularly unimportant to
critical theory and council communism, so why bring it up, unless your
point it to dismiss the class basis for the Palestinian opposition to
Israel?  See above remarks on making class distinctions and the
inability of clowns..

And then Ed thehappyclown responds to my assertions that Israel is
pilloried more than other capitalist states, and unfairly I guess, by
asking if Israel is worse than Germany, qualitatively?  I answered that
in the original post, when I said " Yes and No."   I was pointing out
that Israel is not treated unfairly on the international arena by either
the rest of the capitalist world, or even, based on its actions against
the Palestinian population, by the left.

But then our clown really outdoes himself and shows how  hyper-critical
theory becomes no theory whatsoever, not to mention, the complete
paralysis of praxis, by stating:  " All states are criminal formations.
The nation is a  coercive collective identity.  Anyone born into a
national collective is pressured to adhere to this national collective
from day one."  Or, to put it unclownlike, " plagues on both your tents
and all three of your rings."

All states are class formations, not criminal formations, organized to
enforce and defend the property of the ruling class.  While Ed thehappy
clown talks about critical theory and council communism, he flops around
in his fright wig, big yellow suit, oversized flippers, and big red nose
without the slighest inclination, or willingness, to provide a specific
class analysis of anything.  All states criminal?  By the very
construction of this, the analysis is meaningless.  All nations coercive
collective identity?  What is this,  Jungian gibberish?  Reich in
greasepaint?  It sure isn't Marx, or council communism.


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