[Marxism] On Ed’s Clownish Zionism:

James Holstun jamesholstun at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 11 05:54:25 MDT 2005

On Ed’s Clownish Zionism:

Ed the Happy Clown’s arguments about Palestine are redolent of Alan 
Dershowitz’s. He writes that “the Palestinian aspiration towards nationhood 
also has a history of deep collaboration with German national socialism.” 
This is to make rather a lot of the Mufti’s philo-Naziism—a frantic 
stratagem of Zionists. Palestinian nationalism precedes the Mufti, and of 
course, continues long after his death.  The idea that Zionism was a direct 
response to the Holocaust is belied by the shameful treatment of the “Hitler 
Zionists,” as they healthy volk of Israel called “the Seventh Million” (Tom 
Segev), and by the choice of nine-tenths of surviving European Jews to 
continue living in Europe or to emigrate elsewhere.

He adds that “Rrubinelli supplies a litany of Israeli state crimes. Are 
these qualitatively worse than a state like the Federal Republic of Germany, 
which brutally expels refugees in the night, which allows Neo-Nazis to 
dominate the civil society of places like the Sächsische Schweiz in the 
state of Saxony?” Well, to answer your rhetorical question: yes, they are, 
for they make a mockery of international law, which prohibits the 
acquisition of new territory by force, the permanent expulsion of a people 
from that territory, settling colonists in that territory, practicing 
collective punishment, torture, etc. To retreat to the high ground of a 
general anti-nationalism is disingenuous.

He adds, “The way to liberation for the people called “Palestinians” does 
not lay in building a national-state collective in response to the Israeli 
national-state collective.” Here, Ed’s “called” and his scare quotes are 
worryingly close to those of Nakbah-deniers like Joan Peters (and, again, 
Alan Dershowitz). If their liberation does not lie here, where does it lie? 
Should they overcome the statist oppression of all Israel and, eventually, 
of the world, by moral suasion, from beneath the gun turrrets of Gaza and 
Qalqilya? That’s putting a rather large burden on the shoulders of a people 
(what you would call “‘a people’”) whose economy has been crushed to the 
level of Mali.

He says: “However, there is something unseemly the way Israel is portrayed 
as somehow worse than other national states.” The name of that 
“unseemliness” is, presumably, anti-semitism, which, if true, is something 
worse than unseemly. But it is not true: Israel is worse than other national 
states not because it is the “Jew among nations” (Dershowitz), but precisely 
because its European midwives and its American pimp have allowed it to 
violate international law since 1948.

“The seemingly widespread view in the North American that American foreign 
policy is somehow steered by Israel” is another unseemly act. But the United 
States sends one quarter of its foreign aid to Israel, more than to all of 
sub-Saharan Africa. And for more information on the Washingtonn/Tel Aviv 
revolving door, see recent stories about AIPAC and Larry Franklin.

“There’s no question that daily life for people living in the occupied 
territories is a hell. Just like there’s no question that life for gay men 
and lesbian women in the Palestinian volksgemeinschaft is also a living 
hell.” No, very little like. Ah, Ed, what a wealth of bad argument can lurk 
beneath a “just like,” but your concern for those gay and lesbian 
Palestinians doesn’t quite ring true. Of course, roughly ten percent of 
those Palestinian teenaged boys whose heads are blown off by Israeli snipers 
are gay—we might call that a dying hell, I suppose.

Who are you, clown?

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