[Marxism] Communism, anti-German criticism and Israel

Einde O'Callaghan einde at gmx.de
Thu Aug 11 06:02:21 MDT 2005

Ed Thehappyclown wrote:

 > Einde O'Callaghan writes:
 > "Other than that to designate Oskar Lafontaine as a
 > national chauvinist
 > and racist demagogue is simply to pick up on the
 > mainstream bourgeois
 > attempt to discredit somebody"
 > Utter nonsense.  This kind of argumentation is
 > indicative of a totalitarian mindset.  Eugene Debs
 > once pointed out that just because Wilson says the
 > Kaiser is a brutal dictator, does not mean that
 > revolutionaries support the Kaiser.
 > Likewise, just because the German bourgeoisie
 > opportunistically attacks Lafontaine as an electoral
 > move does not change the fact that Lafontaine and his
 > "Linkspartei" are a racist white job trust, classical
 > social democracy, struggling for the protection and
 > maintenance of German jobs in a german national
 > capitalist context.
Simply do denounce Lafontaine and the WASG means not having to engage 
with their arguments. Whatever their limitations the demands cannot 
simply be dismissed as nationalist. In his now notorious speech in 
Chemnitz, for example, Lafontaine specifically demanded a minimum wage 
for all those working in Germany, not just for Germans.

The WASG also demands radical reform of the nationality law which 
defines a German as somebody of "German blood" to allow dual nationality 
and to give all those born in Germany German nationality. Of course, 
this is within the context of the existing German bourgeois state. As 
such it will probably be rejected by "ultra-leftists" because it doesn't 
address the question of abolition of the state or some such argument. 
However, for the millions of non-Germans living in Germany it would mean 
a radical improvement of their status.

I could go on ad infinitum but it would be a waste of time because 
another characteristic of teh Antideutschen is that they are totally 
resistent to any counter-arguments. They are right and no amount of 
contrary evidence will convince them otherwise. Here we have a real 
totalitarian mindset.

 > To equate Lafontaine's critics from the left with his
 > critics from right is either an innocently incompetent
 > form of debate, or a deeply cynical totalitarian
 > attempt to deflect criticism.  The latter is not
 > untypical for Trotskyites.
The problem with the Antideutschen is that they simpüly parrot the 
arguments of the German bourgeoisie dressed up with pseudo-leftist 
terminology. As such I don't regard their criticisms as being from the 
left. In reality they are offering nothing more than standard common or 
garden bourgeois ideology while pretending to be oh-so-radical.

Einde O'Callaghan

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