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LP> I assume that Ed the Happy Clown is trying to be helpful by
LP> providing us with an example of how these individuals argue, but
LP> can't imagine that he agrees with this garbage. Right?

   I found this garbage nevertheless quite interesting, since in that  
interview, the social views of that current are being explained quite  

   While this Stephan Grigat admits that the poor should not live in  
misery, the notion of "luxury for all" and the violent rejection of  
any critique of the workings of capital, especially as finance  
capital, is much more important for the "anti-German" clowns. Also  
consider their notion, that there is no such thing as a common class  
interest either of the capitalist class or the working class, since  
the problem is dissolved in some abstract reasoning about abstract  
social relations, without people coalescing in classes according to  
their position in or in relation to the production process and the  
ownership of the means of production.

   This "communism" reminds Marie Antoinette's recommendation to the  
Third Estate asking for bread: "They have no bread? Why don't they eat  

   Everybody should get rich, but beware of those who take issue with  
the riches' property, which is the non-property of the others, since  
such revolt against the riches is pure "anti-semitism" in the blind  
eyes of the "anti-German communists".

   What is not explained in this interview is that the "anti-German"  
means taking side in the imperialist competition against the German  
national capitalist class, which is debating in how far they should  
continue as a firm ally of US-imperialism or try to break lose and  
pursue their own interests in a more independent way.

   The "anti-German"s see the guarantor of their view of "communism"  
not in the working class emancipating themselves of the rule of the  
capitalist class, but in the continuing world domination of the US  
capitalist class. Any struggle against colonial and neocolonial  
domination is an act of anti-semitism for the "anti-German"  

   Just go with the stronger forces, is their motivation. The US has a  
huge arsenal of aircraft carriers and atomic bombs, the German  
capitalists nothing of that sort, and the way to acquire some  
independence is risky.

   All in all, this "anti-German" current is another example how  
petty-bourgeois ideologues can move from ultraleftism to the  
ultraright, while maintaining a "leftist" vocabulary.

   Remember the evolution of the La-Rouche-fascists.

   The "anti-German communists" are as communist as the National  
Socialist German Workers Party (NSDAP) was "socialist".

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