[Marxism] Peter Jennings was a closeted religious fundamentalist - and a tool of imperialism

John Obrien causecollector at msn.com
Thu Aug 11 13:01:14 MDT 2005

One of the reasons so much "fanfare" was given in certain circles I believe, to the corporate owned commentator Peter Jennings, was by those in the media who are like he was, a secret member of the Religious Right Wing.  Jennings was a "born again" who worked behind the scenes to promote their view and order of the world and work against the Left.

He consciously promoted "religious conservative views" on the air.  He encouraged and snuck in from time to time - conservative religious folks and their projects on the air and discouraged those with political left thought.  He was sneaky - but he was identified as what he was.  A willing tool of capitalism whose only criticism is "how far they should go at one time against the poor - and to serve best the wealthy class."

Also can one imagine a person of color in his place, as the main journalist for a corporate media giant - with the same degree of education (or lack of) - being given this position?  He was a high school dropout - and was promoted for his "nice appealing white male looks"  He was a living example of a racist society and what it promotes!

There really is a culture war going on folks.  Peter Jennings was on the wrong side!!!! 

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