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Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Thu Aug 11 13:58:36 MDT 2005

I should have mentioned that if you go up one level from Malgosia's Spoons 
Collective history, you will find yourself at:


This is an archive of all the Marxism lists that preceded this one. When I 
read stuff from 1996, I am reminded of those evolutionary charts that show 
ape morphing into homo sapiens. Here's an example of what this list would 
soon read like if I didn't have my hands tightly wrapped around the tiller.


After the fall of the Soviet Union the Mandelites, the neo Stalinists, the 
left wing reformists are trying to create a new "Unity" Internationally on 
a program whichis partially taken from any spontaneous movement on the left 
that develops or various cleaned up reformist and neo-Stalinist projects 
and trying to build Unity in the framework of a combination of all this. 
The "Unity" list at Jefferson Village is and expression of this new fake 
left unity project going on Internationally.There we all can agree to 
disagree as long as we keep our table manners and endlessly discuss the 
importance of this new found fake unity of left reformists, neo-Stalinists, 
and fake trotskyist liquidators! This is the common denominator of this group.

The only thing that they really agree on unanimously is to do everything 
they can to bureacratically exclude,ban and expell any serious left 
opposition and have special rules for the revolutionary Trotskyist 
opposition! This opposition they fear because if the opposition was allowed 
to discuss politics on the "Unity list" the 9 and 1/2ers would run for 
cover. They have no answers to the communist revolutionaries that defend 
the left opposition and founding documents of the Fourth International 
which they destroyed! And the liquidators are cheered on by the reformists 
and neo-Stalinists because the new "unity" they are talking about is to 
their advantage and on their rotten political programs that have been 
responsible for so many defeats of the working class in the last decades.

Now these fakes want to cover their rotten line in a furry of discussion 
around "Unity". Unity on the same god damned stuff that has failed time and 
again! The Trotskyist opposition to these bankrupt politics and 
bureaucratic methods of bans,exclusions, and expulsion need to be seen in 
the light of the rightward moving liquidaters to make this rotten block The 
struggle has raised important questions and serious people will be watching 
this continuing struggle both from the inside and the outside.

Now the struggle around the unity list will enter a new phase. With the 
reorganisation of the lists at Jefferson village the following will take 
place.Those that are on the outside will be posting to Usnet occasionally 
in order to struggle against the Unity list and its plans of building a 9 
and 1/2 International. As well others will be taking up the struggle being 
fought from the inside of those that oppose this unity project from the 
left. So the struggle will continue and take on a new form and hopefully 
drawing more people into this battle in the struggle to forge a new 
communist International!

Because in the final analisis it is not who is banned or who is allowed in 
which will decide the outcome of the struggle. Because this struggle is not 
only going on at Jefferson Village or Internet but around the real world 
outside of cyberspace Internationally. The struggle is between those who 
want to struggle for Trotskyism based on the history of the Bolshevik party 
and the Left Opposition, but also the Transitional Program written by 
Trotsky. It is the struggle of those who stand and struggle for a 
Trotskyist International based on these documents against allof those who 
have no program or a program that has failed miserably.

Against the reformists, neo-Stalinists and fake Trotskyist liquidators.

Against the 9 and1/2 fake "unity.

Forward to a Trotskyist Communist International.

Based on Trotsky's left opposition and the Transitional Program.

Warm Regards Bob Malecki



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