[Marxism] Marxism archives from the Mesozoic age

David Walters dwalters at marxists.org
Thu Aug 11 14:40:19 MDT 2005

Bob Malecki! Gawwwddd...and an ol' APSTer if I'm not mistaken. I  
think he was a member of the Arctic Section of the Sparts. Based  
above the Arctic Circle in Sweden I think.

We ran the Trotsky Project, the predecessor to the ETOL  
(www.trotskyism.org) off the spoons collective for a few years. It  
was always a weird set of lists, from what I remember but they tried  
to help us in this, the "Mesozoic age" of Internet marx lists. Some  
of them have evolved, or devolved as the case sometimes is, into  
blogs and, of course, this list, which has survived.

10 years is like Centuries in Internet years...

David Walters

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