[Marxism] Re: Workers disrupt flights at Heathrow

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Fri Aug 12 03:14:28 MDT 2005

What's been on the wire services is contradictory in many details but in
broad outline the situation seems to be:

Wednesday a U.S.-owned catering firm servicing British airways at
Heathrow fired hundreds (the number varies from 300+  to 800) union
workers and (at least according to some accounts) tried to replace them
with temporary workers. 

The unionized workers of the catering firm struck; the baggage handlers
who belong to the same British union followed suit, and shortly
thereafter the ticket-takers and so on who belong to a different union
joined the action under the guise that customers were being abusive
towards them.

The catering firm says it is an illegal strike; the union, that it was a
deliberate management provocation.

This is all from the BUSINESS circuits of Reuters, AP (US) and AFP which
were the first on the story.


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