[Marxism] Progressive Cuba-Bashing - Cuba is not a dictatorial regime?

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Fri Aug 12 13:39:24 MDT 2005

>I don't get.  I see plenty of debates going on.  Or is it the you just
>don't like the way I debate.

Carl, nobody asks one-line, baiting rhetorical questions like you do. Just 
cut it out.

>  I'm assuming it's already obvious that I
>disagree with this guy.  But is it any better to just call him wrong
>rather than to ask for clarification of the point he's trying to make.

You were not asking me for clarification when you asked me: "So the Cuban 
state is in the hands of the Cuban workers?"

What am I supposed to do with a question like that? Answer "yes" or "no"? 
The question obviously calls for a lengthy answer. You obviously know that 
I am very supportive of the Cuban government based on what I posted from 
Richard Levins, so what was the point of your question. Are you asking me 
if there is capitalism in Cuba? Or are you asking me if there is socialist 
democracy? I really don't know what you are trying to say. That is why I am 
asking you to either present your own ideas or ideas written by somebody 
else that you agree with. There are nearly 800 people on this mailing list 
from all corners of the world who are searching for serious examination of 
the burning issues of the class struggle. Try to use this forum more 
productively, please. Okay?



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