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Paddy Apling e.c.apling at btinternet.com
Sat Aug 13 05:43:03 MDT 2005

At 22:14 12/08/2005, gdunkel at mindspring.com
>I do believe that Le Monde Diplomatique is a 
>montly, at least its French edition is.

Absolutely correct; weekly was a slip of the "pen" - or fingers!
Incidentally, I note that this moth (August 
issue) there are some quite major differences 
between the English and French editions - the 
French edition has a very interesting article on 
the RAF sinking of several liners in the Baltic, 
off Lübeck, which the SS had filled with 
thousands of concentration camp prisoners - and 
which they were planning to scuttle with all on 
board to hie their atrocities.  (Can't quote the 
numbers dead and survived - some were picked up 
and saved by German fishermen - because my 
grandson, who brought the French edition over 
from France, has gone elsewhere for a few days 
and taken the paper with him. - if anybody wants 
further details I can consult the paper again 
when he returns in a couple of weeks)

It suggests that the news of the SS intention was 
told to the British authorities by the Swedish 
Red Cross - but transmission of the info to the 
RAF command was "blocked".  The Rpyal; Air Force 
papers are held secret for 100 years, so will not 
be available until 2045 - by, which time, off 
course, all of the survivors will be dead....

Other articles interesting articles shared by 
both language editions are by John Berger and 
Howard Zinn - as well as an excellent leading article by the editor.

This is surely a paper that list-members should read....

Thanks for the correction to my earlier message.


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