[Marxism] New Gramsci scholarship?

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 13 06:02:03 MDT 2005

Buchanan is obviously a stupendous imbecile. There is no doubt in my mind 
that dominant corporate culture promotes racism and sexism in a non-too 
subtle manner. Black people and women are branded, compartmentalised and 
summarily dealt with. The racism and sexism of corporate America promotes 
conservative conformity to American societal norms. It is the most 
right-wing and patriotic imperialist press that runs the most vulgar and 
sexist program. I know Baader-Meinhof placed pornographic images in their 
little magazine (amidst essays on Marxism) for sales, but that hardly 
compares to Fox News, The Sun or Playboy. The Christians are themselves 
responsible for promoting the acsendancy of America's current corporate 
overseer Bush (himself a former shareholder in a film company that produced 
slasher flicks like The Hitcher). The reason slasher flicks are popular is 
as an antidote to the anodine  hypocrisy of America's sugar-sweet corporate 
entertanment industries, and are the logical product of the latter's 
methodical dehumanising processes. The Christian right and Corporate America 
are in a cultural vaccuum together. Charles Manson is as much the poster boy 
for 'alternative' America as Che Guevara is for 'conscious' America.


>Especially when you see folks that are cutting off their TVs or throwing 
>them out. They're not going to movies; the language is filthy. I think you 
>take a look at the popular culture and you can't say we're winning.


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