Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Sat Aug 13 07:45:07 MDT 2005

>I've unsubbed Gary McClellan and Chris Warren for one day for failure to 
>clip quoted text. Hopefully after a few rounds of this silliness, 
>everyone  will comply with this absurdly simple rule, and we'll be done 
>with these ridiculous warnings and reminders.
>one of the problems -- i think -- is most people do not read my posts to 
>the list. this is not an issue for my own personal posts, but if i am 
>going to help Lou with technical matters on list, people need to pay 
>attention to tech-related posts. i don't know how to make this happen 
>except to create some temporary ruckus like suspensions. even adding 
>WARNING to subject lines doesnt seem to help. my apology to the vast 
>majority of the posting members of this list who simply comply with the 
>few simple rules we try to enforce.
>les schaffer

I am fully behind this. We have tried to be accommodating with comrades's 
needs. For example, I heeded Patrick Bond's plea to send an entire 
newspaper article along because he (and others) did not want to fill out a 
form on the paper's site. This increased bandwidth, but at least there is 
an argument to be made on its behalf. But the failure to clip a lengthy 
post that you are adding a 2 or 3 sentence comment on flies in the face of 
good sense. I do think that we have made some progress on this front. There 
is little "staircasing" nowadays, largely because offenders did not want to 
put up with a private tongue-lashing from me. Les and I put a great deal of 
time and effort in making this forum useful. All we ask is a little 
attention to detail, no matter how much it goes against our grain. 

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