[Marxism] A call to order on the baiting of a list member

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Sat Aug 13 14:13:20 MDT 2005

David Walters wrote:
Fred, you devolving into "Walter Lippman Lite"....

Fred replies:
I find this offensive.  It has always been my aspiration to evolve into
Walter Lippmann HEAVY.  I find him an invaluable contributor to this
list, and I have learned a lot from him.

Is more-or-less "Trotskyist" baiting of Walter Lippmann becoming
institutionalized on the list.  Is he the one whose views you want to
avoid agreeing with if you want to be one of the in crowd? Is he the
standard that you had better deviate from?

Is the list developing a programmatic line on China, Brazil, Cuba,
Prensa Latina, the CP, or any other issue which would place Walter
outside the framework of views welcomed here?

I disagree with Walter neither much more or less than I disagree with
others on the list, and I quite often agree with him too.

I think list members, including the list owner, need to get a grip on
this NOW. 

I think the next time David or anyone else feels tempted to drag this
kind of baiting into a debate with someone else on another topic, he
should turn off the computer.

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