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AF> inflating the role of Haj Amin al-Husseini, the prominent
AF> Palestinian political and religious leader (chairman of the
AF> Supreme Muslim Council and the mufti of Jerusalem) in the
AF> extermination of the Jews. In 1937, a year after the outbreak of
AF> the Arab Revolt, the British tried to arrest Husseini, among other
AF> Arab rebels, in the hope of quelling the uprising. Husseini
AF> escaped to Fascist Italy and then to Germany, where he offered his
AF> services to Hitler.

   It should be noted, that this was not the first time that leaders  
of the Arab East fell into the trap of the fallacious notion that "the  
enemy of my enemy is my friend".

   The Zionist colonization project was helped by the illusions the  
Arab leaders had in the first World War, when they fought with the  
British empire to defeat the Ottoman empire which ruled over Arabia,  
and obviously really believed that the British colonialist would help  
establish an independent and unified Arabia. The contrary happened and  
the British colonialist not only divided the Arab East up into several  
separate colonies, but they -- themselves antisemites -- sought the  
loyalty of the Zionist colonizers with their vague promise of "a  
national home for the Jewish people", using them as a colonial  
auxiliary just as they had successfully used the settlers in Northern  

AF> Since then, however, "the mufti" has become one of the major
AF> assets of pro-Israel propaganda.

   Where one has to consider that Zionism is in itself the embodyment  
of "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". Zionism is the explicit  
rejection of the fight against Antisemitism, no fight against the  
discrimination suffered from the powers-that-be, but evading it and  
becoming rulers themselves. Not looking for the oppressed, down- 
trodden and exploited masses of the colonies as allies, but elevating  
themselves to the status of a colonial master and seeking allies in  
the oppressors, isolating themselves from the only real allies in the  
fight against antisemitism.

   And the idea of a safe haven for jews by establishing a "jewish  
state", with a government of jews, from jews and for jews, is an  
obvious failure: nowhere in the world jews are killed for being jews  
except in the areas occupied by the Zionist settler state.

AF> The argument was and is as follows: The
AF> Arabs do not accept the establishment of a Jewish state in Palestine,
AF> therefore they are anti-Semites who want to annihilate all the Jews
AF> and to accomplish the Nazi program--the best example being the
AF> mufti's alliance with Nazi Germany.

   One of the loudest voices of this "anti-German" current and  
frequent contributor to the Netnews ("USENET"); Martin Blumentritt,  
pointed out, that the Zionist settlers had initially been greeted by  
Arab leaders. Only the introduction of amtisemitic propaganda material  
did have, according to this fantasy, such an influence that the  
attitude of the native Arabs to the Zionist settlers changed. Not the  
expulsion of Arab peasants from the land bought from absent feudal  
landlords, not the exclusion of Arabs from the settler's industries,  
not the boycott of Arab stores, not the collaboration of the zionist  
settlers with the British colonial masters, no, only strange  
literature with crude ideas would have changed the attitude.

   So far for today.


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