[Marxism] Swans release: August 15, 2005

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Sun Aug 14 21:16:53 MDT 2005

Back in the 1960s I met Ralph Shoenman when
he was working with the Bertrand Russell Peace
Foundation. Today he runs a radio program on
Pacifica station WBAI which seems to be sent
out from where Shoenman is based in the San
Francisco Bay Area. I have only listened to
a few of the programs which often feature
material about Israel and the Middle East
from an anti-Zionist point of view. 

It's my sense from looking around and hearing
some of his programs that he's not overly
impressed with Cuba, the Cuban revolution and
its leadership. In any event, he doesn't seem
very interested in them and doesn't speak of
them much on his programs. From his website:

Ralph Shoenman has his own rather distinctive
characteristics. However, I do remember back
in the day that Shoenman was often blamed for
Bertrand Russell's political radicalism, and
in similar tones to this. The implication was
that Russell was being led around the nose by
that evil Svengali Ralph Shoenman.

I hadn't seen this item until reading some of 
the Swans release which Louis posted today. 
Sounds like red-baiting to me. Giles? Louis?

Walter Lippmann

Swans Commentary > swans.com January 3, 2005  

Ray Monk's Bertrand Russell: 
The Ghost of Madness 1921-1970
by Charles Marowitz

Book Review

Ray Monk, Bertrand Russell: 
The Ghost of Madness 1921-1970, 
Free Press, March 2001, 
ISBN 0-74321-215-0, 
592 pages, cloth, $40.00.


Initially a driving force behind the Campaign For Nuclear
Disarmament, Russell, spurred on by his "greasy eminence" Ralph
Schoenman, broke from CND to create the Committee of 100, a more
radical group committed to direct action. The new group, which
boasted adherents such as John Osborne, Lindsey Anderson and Arnold
Wesker, proposed disrupting public functions -- viz. the State
Opening of Parliament and Trooping the Color -- or jamming the BBC.
There was even one suggestion that they kidnap the Chancellor of the
Exchequer on Budget Day. (Clearly, the more histrionic personalities
in their cadre influenced the group's political tactics.) By the
early l960s during the Cuban missile crisis, the organization
committed to eliminating nuclear weapons found itself championing
Fidel Castro's right to maintain missiles on its mainland; an irony
that was not lost on many of its rapidly defecting members. This 
was followed by Russell's love affair with Che Guevara -- another
infatuation fostered by the volatile Schoenman, and one that soon
became another of Russell's pet passions.


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