[Marxism] RE: Swans release: August 15, 2005

Jim Farmelant farmelantj at juno.com
Mon Aug 15 10:32:51 MDT 2005

On Mon, 15 Aug 2005 10:30:13 -0400 Louis Proyect <lnp3 at panix.com> writes:

Having looked at that and some of his other pieces, I agree that
Charles Marowitz's piece on Radosh and some of his other
articles in Swans are a lot better than his Russell article.
I think a lot of people here were taken aback by his
Russell article because it bears more than a passing
resemblence to what the right-wing hack, Paul Johnson,
wrote about Russell, in his book, *Intellectuals*, although
in Marowitz's case, the fault appears to be all due to
Ray Monk rather than to Johnson.

> If comrades want to read one of Charles Marowitz's better efforts, 
> try this:
> http://www.swans.com/library/art11/cmarow24.html
> Defenders Of The Witch Hunt
> R. & A. Radosh's Red Star Over Hollywood
> by Charles Marowitz
> Book Review

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