[Marxism] Two CubaNews announcements

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Mon Aug 15 14:05:27 MDT 2005


I'll be going away from Los Angeles for a number of days
and so will be posting less material, though I'll plan to
check in regularly when I can to approve new postings and
see what's going down in the internet world.

Although I have never asked for any financing to support
the work that I do, and am not asking for money to support
MY work now, this is a first financial request to readers.

If you appreciate the translations which the CubaNews list
uniquely presents from the Cuban media to the English-
speaking world, you can help continue the flow of these
translations by sending money. CubaNews, unique in this
field, has been providing numerous translations from the
Cuban media, well beyond what the Cubans themselves do.

They've been as short as a paragraph and as long as that
fifteen thousand word panel discussion on the fall of
Eastern European Socialism which was held at TEMAS magazine
as part of their monthly discussion series, and later was
published in their journal. It's soon to be brought out in
print in the US by the journal NATURE,SOCIETY AND THOUGHT.

Our goal is to share with you an even wider appreciation
of the topics discussed there and the ways the Cuban media
work to inform the island's population of issues and of
problems and challenges. We get appreciative mail often.
Some readers have asked how they can help, and those who
are bi-lingual can assist us with translations from the
Cuban media. However, we cannot keep up the flow simply
relying on volunteers, and that's why we need your help
in a most tangible manner, with money.

There will be a fund-raising event at my home in Los Angeles
on Sunday August 28th, 2005, from 5-9 PM. Those of you who
live in Southern California are warmly and cordially invited
to come to this event.

We will present a report on the Cuba Translation Project,
which we're sure will interest you. You will also be able 
to meet members of the professional and volunteer staff of
the project. To get an idea of the materials which have
been translated for this project, please click here:

Those who cannot attend can and should feel encouraged to send
a check, to help out. Those are coming should please also
bring checkbooks and be prepared to write. Your contribution 
will help us keep the information coming, and be very much 
appreciated. Make checks payable to me. 

Thanks to everyone,

Walter Lippmann
3339 Descanso Drive
Los Angeles, CA  90026-6219

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