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Jerusalem Post August 14, 2005 (updated Aug. 15) 


This week -- when the International Atomic Energy Agency's 35-nation
board convenes in Vienna -- the EU will publish its response to Iran's
breaking of UN seals at its Isfahan nuclear plant and making it fully
operational again, in blatant violation of earlier undertakings.  It is
taking the EU an inordinate amount of time to express displeasure with
Teheran, while not even going so far as calling for Iran's galling
conduct to be referred to the U.N. Security Council. 

None of us should be holding our breath.  Nothing will come of European
verbiage, because nothing is meant to come of it.  All this should make
Israelis exceedingly wary, since unabashed Iranian nuclear ambitions are
perhaps the most potent existential threat to Israel just now. 

President George W. Bush warned this weekend that the use of force
remains an option.  Europe, while hemming and hawing about the prospect
of atomic bombs in the hands of fanatic ayatollahs, lost no time in
lashing out at even the suggestion that Iran's arm be twisted to prevent
it from wielding the most deadly weapons it can obtain. 

The Iranian threat isn't a matter of intelligence analysis or
speculation, as may have been the case with Iraq in recent years.  Iran
itself proudly proclaims that it is intent on going nuclear.  Moreover,
there's no doubt about its hostile objectives and support for
international aggression, including terrorism. 

"Its stated policy," as U.S. Vice President Richard Cheney observed last
January, "is Israel's destruction."  Earlier in the year Mossad chief
Meir Dagan assessed that "the Iranian nuclear threat is very tangible.
They are a step from the point of no return in which they will be able
to enrich their own uranium without foreign assistance.  The
international community may express concern, but it's not doing much and
is in fact offering the Iranians the respite in which to forge ahead
with their program." 

The world's attitude is all too reminiscent of its pre-World War II
attempts to appease an undisguised dangerous aggressor, allow him to arm
himself and gear for attack.  The Iranians are just as cocky and
in-your-face as the Axis powers were.  An Iranian Foreign Ministry
spokesman even threatened the US directly, saying, "I think Bush should
know that our options are more numerous than the United States." 

After Iran had brazenly reneged on its own undertaking to allow
international supervision and suspend its uranium conversion work while
dialogue with the EU was ongoing, it then had the temerity to caution
that it would be "a grave miscalculation" for the U.S. and EU to refer
Teheran to the U.N. Security Council and impose sanctions over its
decision to go ahead with the production of nuclear fuel. 

All this is part of a shameless shakedown by Iran to extort more perks
from the free world in return for fewer, weaker, and patently worthless
promises regarding its nuclear plans.  At this point the Iranians, in
the custom of the Middle Eastern bazaar, tell the EU they're not
interested in what's on offer, or as Iran's chief negotiator Cyrus
Nasseri called the proposed economic and political concessions from
Europe, "a package of lollipops." 

Europe has yet to admit that it is being blackmailed or acknowledge that
its staunch opposition to any hint of using force is effectively leaving
no option but resorting to force. 

It's hard to avoid the conclusion that European carrot-waving is aimed
less at stymieing Iran's nuclear schemes than it is at impeding the
barely raised American stick.  American action appears to outrage Europe
as much as, if not more than Iranian nukes. 

Were Europe to join America in imposing effective sanctions, it is
likely that Russia and China would not dare breach such a united front
and that Iran would get the message.  In any case, there is nothing
stopping the U.S. and Europe from jointly imposing sanctions outside the
U.N. framework if nothing can be achieved within it. 

Time is running out while the world's single greatest sponsor of terror
is coming closer to gaining nuclear capability.  Before long, the
military option may be the only remaining viable option.  Failure to
take minimal measures against a clear menace could well ignite the very
conflagration Europe professes to fear. 

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