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Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
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Cuba isn't the litmus test, it's my "Start to Steer By" as Captain
Hugh B. Mulzac entitled his autobiography. But you can learn a
lot about a country or a left group by its attitude toward Cuba.

In Canada's case (Canadian friends please correct me since I'm
not terribly knowledgeable about the country), the  Canadian
capitalists profit from the blockade in that they don't have any
competition from the Yankee capitalists.  Canadian tourism
operators, Canadian mining companies, Pebercan and others 
all benefit from the blockade. They also benefit from appearing
independent to their own and other countries. 

>From a Cuban viewpoint, Canada's policy helps Cuba since it
enables Cuba to get around the blockade and to obtain help
in the form of investment and technology from Canada. In a
better world, in which Cuba weren't blockaded, of course, 
Cuba could play ALL the capitalists of the world off of one
another and get the best deal. Alas, it's going to be awhile
before we get to that possible better world. In this world in
which we live NOW, Cuba does well and so do Canadian
businesses like Sherrit, Pebercan and the others. I don't
have a problem with that. I'm sure Canadians who like
Cuba don't have a problem with it, either.

Socialists are always criticized for being negative, harping and
carping critics. I started my note about SOCIALIST VOICE with
a positive note, and simply made a suggestion about how my
northern friends could put out an even better product. I think
Canadians should always use the advantages which they have,
among with are normal relations and no travel restrictions.

Down with Canadian complicity! 

Up with Canadian tourism!


Walter, I think you've gone over the top now. One of the key points 
in the piece that Fred passed on was that Canada is now abandoning 
its 'peacekeeper' pose and taking on a new stance. It should be seen 
as a departure when the head of the armed forces tours about the 
country and declares,  '"They detest our freedoms,
they detest our society, they detest our liberties," he said. "We are
going to Afghanistan to actually take down [sic] the folks that are
trying to blow up men and women."....We are the Canadian Forces, and 
our job is to be able to kill

If this is indeed a departure (as opposed to a decision simply to 
talk the walk), it may portend some changes re policy toward Cuba 
(your litmus test for all that is holy) so it bears watching. But, 
hey, I'll take your point about looking for something positive: Hey, 
how about that Haitian policy??! Go Canada Go!

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