[Marxism] Re: Regarding Canada's international role

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Tue Aug 16 09:37:39 MDT 2005

The article by Roger Annis was entitled, Canada's Generals Promote
Government War Course.  I forgot to include a title (it appears several
items back as "No Subject").  I'm glad it got some attention anyway.

Canada, like Spain and a number of other imperialist countries besides
the United States, is fully engaged in the Afghan war. I believe that is
the heart of what the article is about. They have thousands of troops
backing a savage imperialist war. An ongoing imperialist war, fully part
of the US broad regional effort in the Muslim (and main oil and natural
gas producing) region of the world, and one that is often ignored by the
antiwar movement and treated as the "good war" by the more critical

I really think that, and the convergences with that and the US course
that are involved in that, are the point of the article. This is really
not an issue of "complicity" as the term was used in the Vietnam days,
when Canada had no troops. Canada troops are occupying Afghanistan, and
therefore are an integral part of that war. No "peacekeeping" involved.

The point on Guantanamo reflects Canada's growing participation in the
repressive campaigns against democratic rights and those of Muslims in

I suppose Canadian radicals who confront these issues often don't think
much about the difference between their government policy on Cuba and
that of Washington -- partly because that policy, with modest ups and
downs, has never changed from the beginning of the Cuban revolution.
Will this policy change? Not fundamentally, I think, unless the regime
begins to look vulnerable to overthrow as is not likely to happen soon.
For now, the Canadian rulers prefer to make the money to be made there
and keep travel open, which is positive, of course.  If there are
opportunities to extend tiese, that should be supported, and any
attempts to restrict them will be opposed.

In Canada, from what I saw during my brief visits, these socialists run
into opposition from people, such as the Canadian CP, who soften
criticism of the Canadian government in general because of its
differences with US policies.  This includes often refusing to take on
the issue of Canadian intervention in Afghanistan. (Offhand, I don't
believe that the US CP has ever called for withdrawal from Afghanistan.)
That's in part because some see the central issue as the defence of
Canada against absorption by the US, and also because they see the
Afghan opponents of occupation as a greater evil, at least relative to

The article seemed satisfactory to me as it was.
Fred Feldman

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