[Marxism] Query Re: Cindy Sheehan on the Palestinian issue

Louis Proyect lnp3 at panix.com
Tue Aug 16 13:57:54 MDT 2005

>Did Mike hear her wrong?
>I'm mainly interested in this issue for fact-checking purposes.
>Yoshie Furuhashi

I should have mentioned that the interview is online at:


After taking a look at it, it seems to me that whatever Sheehan has said in 
the past, she is very conscious now of using what we used to call 
"defensive formulations" in the SWP. For those in the WWP and elsewhere who 
ready to nominate her as anti-imperialist of the year, it would seem that 
her level of political sophistication is much higher than those addicted to 
"more leftist than thou" rhetoric.

COOPER: But when you say that the president, I mean you're essentially 
saying the president is a terrorist. I mean I think a lot of people would 
hear that and think what are you talking about?

SHEEHAN: Well, you know, I've heard a lot of -- a lot of definitions of 
that and it's the definition they kill innocent people, you know, and his 
policies are responsible for killing innocent people and I say the 
organization is killing innocent people and it needs to stop.

We know that he said there was weapons of mass destruction and we know he 
knows that there weren't. There was no link between al Qaeda and Saddam and 
we know he knows that there wasn't, so we need to stop the killing now and 
I'm here to confront him.

COOPER: You said that it's blatant genocide. I mean you really think the 
United States is trying to eliminate an entire group of people, all Iraqis?

SHEEHAN: There's 100 -- there's an estimate 100,000 to 200,000 innocent 
Iraqis dead because of our occupation, either by bullets and bombs or by 
disease, malnutrition and he says we're doing it for the Iraqi people. How 
many do we have to kill before we convince them that what we're doing is 
right over there?



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