[Marxism] Re: Cindy Sheehan's quote

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Wed Aug 17 09:59:53 MDT 2005

> Keeping in mind the dangers of acting as someone's attorney in a  
> polemic :), I'd still like to mention that the quote(s), and  
> questions about its veracity, have occasioned many responses on  
> this list on its  substance. I assumed therefore that Fred's  
> "roiled" comment was directed not at you, Yoshie, but at those  
> venturing specific opinions on whether Cindy should or should not  
> have said it.
> As a fellow rad journalist I would assume Fred supports  
> wholeheartedly your insistence on pinpoint accuracy.
> Andy

Well, I must say that responses occasioned by the quotes have been  
rather few here, and the quotes in question are hardly important in  
and of themselves, and I probably wouldn't have cared as much had I  
not been editor of MRZine.org or had Cindy Sheehan not become a  
public figure.

I check facts (concerning economic statistics, historical facts,  
etc.) that are mentioned in articles from MRZine contributors, but I  
must say that it's beyond my ability to fact-check the accuracy of  
quotations included in reportage like Mike Ferner's article before  
publication.  I wasn't at the VFP convention, and I still don't know  
if even a videotaped Cindy Sheehan speech there is available. I doubt  
that Jeff St. Clair and other people who published the same article  
managed to check them either.  Nor did we have any reason to suspect  
that they are misquotes.

I just looked into the VFP website, and it proudly mentions the Mike  
Ferner article as the example of what those who attended the  
convention should be writing and publishing:

<blockqutoe>3.   Tell our story
(Cindy left from our convention escorted by veterans to talk to  
George) Write your newspaper, call into talk shows and tell your  
friends and family. If you did not attend the convention, Mike Ferner  
has written a great piece, Cindy Sheehan in Dallas: What One Mom has  
to Say to Bush http://counterpunch.com/ferner08092005.html
If you were there you have firsthand knowledge. Tell the story.  
Remember to keep it focused on Cindy, a grieving mother who simply  
wants answers, and the President who has refused to provide them.


So I suppose that means that VFP stands by it, and I do not have to  
issue a note of correction.  Now, I want to know whether the email  
message in Wikipedia was actually one sent by Sheehan.

David wrote:

> The news is all Cindy all the time

Yes, it is, and coverage has been mainly extremely favorable to her  
and the anti-war movement.  But that can change, depending on how  
things go.  You know that the media can build it up and tear it down  
if they want to.

Yoshie Furuhashi
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