[Marxism] Something revealed by the debate over Canada

Walter Lippmann walterlx at earthlink.net
Wed Aug 17 10:02:46 MDT 2005

Working this week in internet cafes I haven't time to respond to these items
in detail at this time. I've written extensively and frequently about the very
complex and contradictory influence of Cuba's decision to accept a certain
amount of foreign investment in tourism. Some of these essays can be 
found on my website, including TWO MONTHS IN CUBA, as well as several
of the longer CubaNews notes. The information is there. Cuba doesn't exist 
within an international market dominated by capitalism. It isn't possible to
pretend otherwise, and so to argue against a position not stated is simply
not to engage in a real discussion.

The phrase "A Star To Steer By" isn't anything mystical. It's simply the title
of Capt. Hugh B. Mulzac's memoir. He was the first Black person ever to
win command of a merchant marine vessell in the United States.

Walter Lippmann, CubaNews
I think anyone who does not look at the contradictory impact, who cannot
grasp the decomposing forces initiated and animated by international
investment, particularly the super-exploitation of women, in less
developed countries-  who thinks that somehow China and Cuba can escape
such forced decomposition are deluding themselves and others.

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