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"[Why is] the US paying each evicted Gaza settler family ONE MILLION
> relocate (reported this morning on MSNBC), when a third of our adult
> population is functionally illiterate and we don't even have a health
> system in this country.
Because it suits the US interests to do so.  That's a whole lot
different than claiming Israel, Zionists,  control or dominate US
foreign policy, that Jewish lobbies have induced/seduced the US away
from protecting its own national interest in favor of protecting

The problem with Mr. Goden's formulation is first that it's wrong, and
second that it bears too close a resemblance to, allows itself to become
absorbed in right wing, conservative, conspiracy theories about Zionism,
i.e like the invasion of Iraq was determined by and for the protection
of Israel, thus obscuring the real class basis of the war in capitalism
in the decline in the rate of profit after 1997;  again after 2000; in
the overproduction of capital, the means of production, and commodities
(oil);  thus obscuring the need for a real anti-capitalist,
international working class social revolution.

That's the problem.


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