[Marxism] John Holloway-Alex Callinicos debate

Calvin Broadbent calvinbroadbent at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 17 13:23:35 MDT 2005


>Yes, it is true, we might get Stalin even if we do seize the existing 
>state, one can not guarantee >it, but just strive to overcome it; yet 
>Stalin's emergence can not be ascribed to the aim of >seizuring the 
>existing state and using it, by changing its form, for the interests of the 
>working class >and the downtrodden.

I agree completely. I was only criticising Calliinicos' clumsy way of 
associating Stalin-ism with Lula-or-Mbekism (sic).


>Think Calvin might be referring to the original Russian Revolution, a
>mass movement that seized and smashed state power and still under the
>pressure of continued international capitalism, yielded to the Stalinist
>bureaucratic caste.

Thanks, I was. I think Shane Mage is hopelessly wrong about Stalin, but I 
won't get into it, since I can't be bothered.

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