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Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
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> The problem with Mr. Goden's formulation is first that it's wrong, and
> second that it bears too close a resemblance to, allows itself to become
> absorbed in right wing, conservative, conspiracy theories about Zionism,
> i.e like the invasion of Iraq was determined by and for the protection
> of Israel, thus obscuring the real class basis of the war in capitalism
> in the decline in the rate of profit after 1997;  again after 2000; in
> the overproduction of capital, the means of production, and commodities
> (oil);  thus obscuring the need for a real anti-capitalist,
> international working class social revolution.
> That's the problem.

No.  The problem is that you don't retain much of what you read, a malaise 
common to political know-it-alls.   This is what I wrote:

"Zionist interests have an inordinate
amount of influence on US middle east policy.   This has been acknowledged
by everyone from Zbignew Brzezinski to Henry Kissinger to Bill Cllinton.
Even the New York Review of Books, long the voice of the liberal
intellectual zionist now openly admits it.   And, yes, that influence is and
was potent enough to tip the scales in favor of war and to continue it,
although the imagined scenario of a series of new, Israel-friendly
governments springing up in place of medieval Islamic fascists is coming
apart at the seams.

"U.S. imperialism is not going to allow its interests to be subordinant to
those of Israel, it is true -- anyway, there are many many people of
influence within the establishment who do not like Israel, and for all the
wrong reasons.   But, where the interests of both intersect, AIPAC and
allied lobbies  has the juice and the money and the votes to tip the balance
in favor of Israel.   Let's not kid ourselves."

Now.  If you wish to argue that the zionists are not powerful or influential 
enough to campaign successfully for the removal of an intractable enemy like 
Saddam Hussein, then simply say so.  I happen to think that making the world 
safe for Israel was a major reason we went to war, as do most people.

Louis G

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> Well, I'm glad that Cindy Sheehan didn't say what she didn't say, and I
> cannot imagine why people are getting roiled at her for not having said
> it. Glad she brought in Palestine, but her son died for US imperialist
> interests (the wealth of US billionaires), which include the defense of
> Israel.  He sacrificed,  like all the US casualties, for the
> billionaires' America.
> The idea that Israel has the power -- through the machinations of the
> "neocons," the mighty power of the Jewish block vote, AIPAC, the
> Jewish-owned investment banks, links with the Fundamentalists -- to
> place  US imperialism at the service of Israeli Jewish interests rather
> than its own in the "war on terror" is plain old US nationalist
> scapegoating.
> I am for a completely wide-open discussion of Israel and Zionism, and
> that includes debating all theories and fantasies about the role of
> Israel and the Jews. Eventually, someone is going to have to write
> another expose and analysis of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, too
> -- that is, take it seriously as a political tract with a political
> impact.  Keeping the lid on all this stuff is just allowing the crap to
> steep.
> So Cindy Sheehan didn't say what she didn't say. This is not a blow to
> the people of Palestine.
> Fred Feldman
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