[Marxism] Let it bleed (was Re: Sheehan's quote)

Joaquín Bustelo jbustelo at bellsouth.net
Wed Aug 17 15:15:04 MDT 2005


	I can certainly sympathize with and support your efforts at
instituting J-school standards of fairness and accuracy, however, I
think something entirely different is going on here. 

	The right wing had organized a LYNCH MOB against Cyndi Sheehan.
Here's some examples:

Perhaps Mrs. Sheehan truly believes the Bush administration and its
"neo-con" -- read pro-Israel -- allies orchestrated the horrific deaths
of 3,000 Americans in order to justify going to war with Iraq, but if
so, she's gone mad.

August 16, 2005 8:00 a.m. EST
Douglas Maher - All Headline News Staff Reporter
Crawford, TX (AHN) - Cindy Sheehan (known to war protesters as Mother
Sheehan) is served divorce papers from her husband in California,
according to the "Smoking Gun.com". Patrick Sheehan filed the divorce
petition Friday in Solano County court, northeast of San Francisco. The
Sheehans lost their son Casey to Iraqi terrorists in an attack that took
place in April 2004. Mrs. Sheehan had a meeting with President Bush, and
made what later turned out to be false claims that Mr. Bush was acting
like the meeting with parents and family of lost loved one's was a big
party with laughing and smiling. The claims have since been debunked by
an "Associated Press" reporter who was present...

Cindy Sheehan Gives Aid and Comfort to the Enemy
August 16, 2005 09:23 PM EST
No one wants to be the first person to call the mom of a dead American
hero an idiot, and the conservatives I know are going out of their way
to be nice to Cindy Sheehan, in memory of her son, Army Specialist Casey
Sheehan. However, I believe in calling a fruitcake a fruitcake and an
idiot an idiot, and Cindy Sheehan is both.

by Joseph Gutheinz, Jr., J.D.
Cashing in On Casey
August 17, 2005 01:00 PM EST
Sometimes human nature makes me sick, and when it's a Democrat, I am
really referring to sub-human nature. 

Former FBI agent/legal counsel, turned whistleblower, turned Democratic
Candidate for Congress, Coleen Rowley, has found a new way to energize
her Congressional campaign, she is going to exploit the deaths of
American service members in Iraq by joining Cindy Sheehan protest in
Crawford Texas. How do we know this? Rowley is posting her plans on her
campaign web page and telling the media.

[And, since sub-humans have been invoked, Hitchens:]

Finally, I think one must deny to anyone the right to ventriloquize the
dead. Casey Sheehan joined up as a responsible adult volunteer. Are we
so sure that he would have wanted to see his mother acquiring "a knack
for P.R." and announcing that he was killed in a war for a Jewish cabal?
(a claim that has brought David Duke flying to Ms. Sheehan's side.) 

*  *  *

This stuff doesn't happen by accident. It is organized by a cabal of
right wing operatives who meet every week in Washington under Carl Rove
or one of his deputies and then spread their marching orders through
"talking points" emailed to reporters editors and pundits all over the

More is involved than the old phenomenon of "pack journalism." This is
the corporate/Republican party press reacting to a breach in the embargo
on truth. 

The issue is here is NOT NOT NOT Palestine.

The issue here is the moral assassination of a woman who has stuck the
dagger of truth into this administration's policies, and won't pull it
out. And unless they can destroy her, the administration is going to
continue bleeding from this gaping wound because she won't take the
dagger out. 

Which literal sequence of words Sheehan may have used and how accurately
they have been reported isn't the issue. This isn't about the FACTS,
Yoshie, this is about the TRUTH. What the situation calls for is a
vicious, savage expose of the right wing cabal's attempted assassination
of Cindy Sheehan, not whether she misplaced a comma.


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