[Marxism] What does the brouhaha over Sheehan/Israel reveal?

M. Junaid Alam alam1 at lefthook.org
Wed Aug 17 15:53:25 MDT 2005

I find it highly revealing that the weapon with which Sheehan is 
supposed to be felled is the Israel question. Isn't there some bitterly 
twisted irony here? Here is an American woman who lost an American son 
denouncing the American war in Iraq, and it is apparently her stance on 
whatever is happening in relation to ISRAEL that will possibly knock her 
down in the public eye? Is American fetishization of Israel so 
grotesquely extreme that this kind of thing is actually possible? I mean 
why should most people give a damn what she thinks about Israel one way 
or the other? Her esteem should be measured by people in terms of 
whether or not they support the war in Iraq. Who the heck is going to 
say, "well I oppose the Iraq war, but I love Israel so much that I think 
she's just crazy," except for some liberal Jews?

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