[Marxism] Let it bleed

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Wed Aug 17 17:01:12 MDT 2005

> Which literal sequence of words Sheehan may have used and how  
> accurately they have been reported isn't the issue. This isn't  
> about the FACTS, Yoshie, this is about the TRUTH. What the  
> situation calls for is a vicious, savage expose of the right wing  
> cabal's attempted assassination of Cindy Sheehan, not whether she  
> misplaced a comma.
> Joaquín

I'm saying what I'm saying because I want to defend what she says and  
stands for.  It's not an effective defense of it if I say that it's a  
"misquote" when it isn't.  That should be obvious.

Yoshie Furuhashi
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