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WL> Socialists cannot and should not always be
WL> seen as critics who have nothing but negative things to say
WL> about our own countries. We should also try, as much and
WL> whenever we can, to find something postive to say and to
WL> build up from that, in addition to being critical when that's
WL> necessary and appropriate.

   "Own country"? When I speak about the policy goals and acts of the  
German capitalist class, I speak about a foreign class, and not "my  
country". I have no stakes in the efforts of "my bourgoisie" to gain  
an advantage over other capitalist competitors and semicolonial  
countries, and especially have not advice to give to "my bourgeoisie".  
I look at it from the standpoint of the (international) working class,  
and judge it to the extent that it does more or less harm to our  
interests. Let it be clear that the defense of the independence and  
sovereignty of semicolonial countries is in the interest of the  
working class internationally.

   That the Canadian capitalists did not bow to the US-American  
embargo against Cuba is the norm and not the exception among  
imperialist countries. The exception is the USA, not Canada. All other  
imperialist countries to trade with Cuba.

   The article from Socialist Voice just stressed that the Canadian  
imperialism is trying to go its own predatory ways, independent of its  
US neighbor.

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