[Marxism] Re: Cindy Sheehan's quote

Fred Feldman ffeldman at bellatlantic.net
Thu Aug 18 10:34:39 MDT 2005

Yoshie wrote:
Fred, you are out of your mind. 

Fred comments:
I hope this post means that the debate over whether Sheehan said or
didn't say what she says she said and didn't say is over. In my opinion,
the outcome of the first and only decisive round (that is, the interview
on the road) confirmed her reliability, and nothing you have raised
shakes that. But you, of course, are entitled to your opinion especially
if you understand the importance of not making a federal case of it.  In
my opinion, our solidarity with Sheehan needs to shift VERY firmly from
analysis of her statements for inconsistencies to solidarity on the

As for my mental condition, I consider everybody else's assessment of
that (and they vary) to be as good or better than mine, and I accept
your assessment in the spirit of comradeship and solidarity in which it
was undoubtedly offered.  Perhaps Yoshie will agree that the subject of
my (or her) mental condition is best continued off-list, if at all,
rather than as subject of a thread.  Although I am at a disadvantage,
having  no assessment at all of her mental state at this point, perhaps
an off-list exchange, if one seems necessary to you,  might allow me to
rough out a diagnosis.

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