[Marxism] Cindy Sheehan and the Media

Yoshie Furuhashi furuhashi.1 at osu.edu
Thu Aug 18 10:51:29 MDT 2005

Julio wrote:

> Yoshie, who called people on PEN-L to support Ms. Sheehan, wrote in  
> a recent Marxmail posting: "The US-Israel relation being what it is  
> [...] I doubt that the issue will go away and cannot be dealt with  
> by changing questions."
> That is wrong.  The only way it should be dealt with is *precisely*  
> by changing the questions.  That's the point of an agitational  
> campaign.  The only way to help people change their political  
> attitude and behavior -- in this case towards the war in Iraq and  
> other matters -- is by helping them *change the very questions*  
> they pose to themselves.

Sure, but that's not what I meant.  What I meant addressed a  
different point of how to handle questions from the media:

<blockquote>COOPER: You were also quoted as saying, "My son joined  
the Army to protect America, not Israel. If you get America out of  
Iraq and Israel out of Palestine, and you'll stop the terrorism." How  
responsible do you believe Israel is for the amount of terrorism in  
the world?

SHEEHAN: I didn't say that.

COOPER: You didn't say that? OK.

SHEEHAN: I didn't say that my son died for Israel. I've never said  
that. I saw somebody wrote that, and it wasn't my words. Those aren't  
even words that I would say.</blockquote>

What if Cooper had been more hostile to her and come back to her,  
"OK, let's stick to precise words, then.  I didn't ask you whether  
you said your son "died for Israel."   Those words aren't my  
question.  What I asked concerned this statement attributed to you --  
let me read from this printout of the email message that is said to  
come from you: 'My son joined the Army to protect America, not Israel.'"

That's what I meant by "changing questions."

Fred wrote:

> I hope this post means that the debate over whether Sheehan said or  
> didn't say what she says she said and didn't say is over.

It will be over if the corporate media never make a federal case out  
of it; and if Sheehan doesn't make any more statements like the ones  
that I questioned, I think it would help end it.  But what the  
corporate media do is, unfortunately, not up to you and me, as you  
know very well -- it all depends on their own attitude toward the  
occupation of Iraq.  In my view, she is still vulnerable on that, and  
her handling of the matter didn't help at all.  What if Tom Bettag or  
someone at ABC manages to retrieve her original message and the  
retrieved message doesn't confirm what she said about the  
alternation?   I hope they lost the message!

Yoshie Furuhashi
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