[Marxism] the Sheehan phenom

Nick Halliday halliday.nick at gmail.com
Thu Aug 18 22:29:51 MDT 2005

Nothing Americans like more than a 'wave the bloody shirt'
campaign--sometimes it's used to justify a war, sometimes a withdrawal
that turns into a murderous bomb-backed free-for-all.

Liberals will use it to attack Bush in order to win back the rather
loose reins of the rampant national security and anti-terror
state--even as Hilary Clinton issues ominous warnings about dark hairy
foreigners depleting her vital bodily fluids. They hope their versions
of Carlyle Group -- like the Cohen Group, based in Texas too! -- can
make imperialism good clean and efficient profiteering again. Right
wingers will use it to justify withdrawal while under cover of nukes,
etc. The Bushits will ignore it as much as possible while they work
towards their real goals: a broken up Iraq, some sort of UN
protectorate for Baghdad, and permanent bases in Kurdistan and the
Democratic Republic of Basra.

If the Bushits are forced to withdraw from Iraq (one has a hard time
seeing any real forces as of yet that would make them), they'll just
up the ante over Afghanistan (already the troopers are dying there in
almost a great a number as in Mesopotamia) because they have the
Europeans firmly conned on the necessity of that one. Dead Spaniards
and all.

Then they'll start a crisis somewhere else in the world til it's time
to talk about gentler, stay at home conservatism--afterall, they have
to get Jeb into the WH in a few years. Or perhaps they'll talk about
the latter and get themselves a nice foreign policy crisis in time for
the run up to the presidential election. Meanwhile, Hilary and the
Dems will continue to dripfeed their fluids to the masses. Oh my Marx,
what a depressing country.


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