[Marxism] De Menezes: Another Corpse on the Road to Globalist Fascism

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De Menezes: Another Corpse on the Road to Globalist Fascism

Kurt Nimmo | August 18 2005

The blogger Aangirfan draws a parallel between the execution of the 
seemingly hapless Jean Charles de Menezes on 22 July in the London subway 
and Operation Gladio. As Aangirfan points out, de Menezes “behaved normally” 
when he entered Stockwell Tube station, did not run from police (or rather a 
“Special Reconnaissance Regiment, modeled on an undercover unit that 
operated in Northern Ireland,” according to the Guardian), did not jump a 
tollgate and used his Oyster card (a travel smartcard), nor was he wearing 
bulky clothes (see this gruesome image), he was apparently unaware the SRR 
hit squad was tailing him, and he did not trip as he ran and was in fact 
shot as he sat in the subway car. (See Blunders led to police killing of an 
innocent man, the Scotsman.)

All of this, of course, is at variance with the original story, prompting us 
to wonder why Brit officials decided to completely distort the story. Is it 
possible they did so because the SRR executed de Menezes because he was 
somehow involved in the staged “suicide bombings” on July 7, possibly as a 
technician (de Menezes was an electrician and recall there were “electrical 
surges” reported prior to the bombings). For some reason, the SRR did not 
want de Menezes to travel on the subway and decided to snuff him, regardless 
of the fact there were witnesses on the carriage. Since the cover story is 
completely decimated—he was a terrorist, a possible suicide bomber, and 
attempted to flee—there are now plenty of questions about the cold-blooded 
murder of Charles de Menezes, questions that will probably never be 

In regard to the Gladio angle, as mentioned by Aangirfan, I have problems 
with this. Aangirfan provides an excellent summation of Gladio and its 
fascist “kontrgerilla” operations. However, the blogger fails to explain why 
such a Gladio operation would execute de Menezes. As we know, through ample 
(and generally ignored) documentation, Operation Gladio was devised to blame 
terrorism on leftist and progressive political organizations, thus 
alienating them from the public. This was its overriding raison detre. Now, 
if de Menezes was killed in a Gladio assassination op, it would make sense 
for his killers to present themselves as Muslims, thus affixing blame to the 
target group of such an operation (and affix the impression of crazed Muslim 
assassins on the loose). Instead, de Menezes was killed by people identified 
at first as police, later as SRR goons, who made no effort to pass 
themselves off as Muslims. In fact, after the hit, the Brit authorities 
claimed the execution was part of a “shoot-to-kill” directive, an effort 
(based on Israeli practices) to eliminate suicide bombers before they 
strike. As we now know, this was pure and unadulterated nonsense. In fact, 
the shoot-to-kill policy was recently embraced by the International 
Association of Chiefs of Police and their proposed guidelines would embrace 
a “more aggressive posture than typical lethal-force guidelines,” according 
to the Age, thus promoting the globalist plan to militarize police forces 
around the world (or those not already militarized) and get people 
accustomed to death squads (and Israeli-styled “targeted assassination”) in 
the name of fighting (state-sponsored, false flag) terrorism.

No, I don’t believe Jean Charles de Menezes was executed in a Gladio-styled 
operation. However, I do believe the Brits (and their counterparts in the 
United States) are now entirely willing to assassinate their opponents (or 
perform “clean up crew” operations of lower echelon players in false flag 
covert ops) in public, as they did in Northern Ireland, Malaya, Kenya, and 
as they continue to do in Iraq (the latter can be considered a virtual 
testing ground for “counter-insurgency” black operations, from forming and 
fronting “pseudo-gang” terrorist groups and individuals—think Abu Musab 
al-Zarqawi and the so-called al-Qaeda Organization in the Land of Two 
Rivers—as prescribed under the now largely forgotten P2OG, or the Proactive 
Preemptive Operations Group as brainstormed by Rumsfeld’s Defense Science 
Board in 2002). “The new apparatus for covert operations and the growing 
government secrecy associated with the war on terrorism reflect the way the 
Bush administration’s most senior officials see today’s world,” writes 
William M. Arkin, a military affairs analyst for the Los Angeles Times. “The 
[Defense Science Board] recommends creation of a super-Intelligence Support 
Activity, an organization it dubs the Proactive, Preemptive Operations 
Group, (P2OG), to bring together CIA and military covert action, information 
warfare, intelligence, and cover and deception.” I believe the execution of 
Jean Charles de Menezes was associated with such covert action and the P2OG 
network (for lack of a more inclusive term) is global, encompassing not only 
the Pentagon but the far reaches of British military intelligence. As for 
the Gladio connection, consider that MI6 had an affinity for fascism, as 
demonstrated prior to WWII by Wing Commander Frederick Winterbottom, who 
argued that Britain and Germany unite against the Soviet Union and 
communists in general.

On Operation Gladio see:


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