[Marxism] The two souls of socialism

Charles Brown cbrown at michiganlegal.org
Fri Aug 19 09:26:21 MDT 2005

Joaquín Bustelo : 
Callinicos said:
In the Russian case there was a particularly horrible way in which
capital won, by creating such pressures as to cause the revolutionary
regime to transform itself into a barbarous replica of the global

CB: I agree with Comrade Bustelo's overall critique of the two souls thesis,
but the above is well said by Callinicos, and it is important that Marxist
formulate the cause of the failure of the SU in this way. And this that
follows the above.

"The reason that happened was not that Marx liked the state, but that there
was not a powerful enough global movement to break the power of capital
globally. That doesn’t have to be our fate. We are already in the process
collectively of creating the greatest global movement against capitalism in
world history. But we won’t do that if we think that simply creating holes,
fissures, in the existing system is enough to destroy it."

CB: I agree that this shouldn't be a basis for denigrating revolutions in
Venezuela or Cuba ,et al., because they are less than global, but the issue
of a revolution in one or two countries being vulnerable to capital's
ability to concentrate attacks on one or two countries leading the crowd is
a lesson we must learn from the history of ths SU, Korea, Viet Nam. We
shouldn't kid ourselves that capitalism hasn't been willing and able to
concentrate its forces sufficiently to destroy socialist initiatives, even
if the workers of imperialist countries were made to make great sacrifices
as cannon fodder of counter-revolution and counter-liberation, as in Iraq
and Afghanistan today, and the latter places some limit on imperialism's
ability to concentrate forces. It is not a limit that has prevented
imperialism's concentrating forces sufficiently to destroy socialist
countries through war, blockade and threat of war, including threat of
nuclear war.

How do we solve this problem fast enough to get rid of capitalism and save
the world from environmental disaster ?

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