[Marxism] Two Souls ... my two cents worth

Tom O'Lincoln suarsos at alphalink.com.au
Fri Aug 19 20:50:16 MDT 2005

Joaquin accuses Alex Callinicos et al of idealism, then comes out with

>>It's like the Teamsters: Hoffa himself might be a completely
replica of the corporate executive, but that doesn't make the Teamsters
a company union, and even though this leadership does tremendously
undermine the IBT's effectiveness, lead it to take all sorts of crummy
positions, etc., it is still a union and its existence does protect
workers to a certain degree.<<

This abstracts from the most obvious of material considerations: Stalin
had state power. Whatever the sins of Hoffa, he does not and can not,
put his enemies in slave labour camps.

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